Visual Arts

Visual Arts is thriving at Somerville Primary School! From weekly lessons to lunchtime Art Club to online learning students are enjoying improving their skills and being creative.

Every lesson includes a new skill or idea and lots of hands-on work. We explore artists styles, discuss work made by professional artists and describe what we can see and how it makes us feel.

We learn about the elements of art such as design, colour theory, layering, texture, line and movement and use these elements in the work that we create. Some of the materials and skills we are using include drawing, painting, sculpture and construction, weaving and mixed media.

When making work in class we most often have a main idea, skill or material to use but then we get to use it in our own creative way. Our focus is on BEING creative artists and developing our skills rather than always producing picture perfect work.

Art education in our art room includes vital life skills such as;

  • setting up and cleaning up for yourself
  • showing resilience when things go wrong
  • gaining confidence by seeing the positives in what we do
  • exploring individuality through creativity
  • sharing and encouraging others
  • increasing our vocabulary through describing
  • experimenting and making discoveries
  • handling new tools and materials in a safe way

At SPS we celebrate our art work via displays both in the classroom and around the school. We can proudly say that some of our students have gone on to study in specialist art programs at secondary school.

Visual Arts finds its way into so many places at SPS, from supporting Wakkakiri through sets and props, to displays for important events, to making our buildings and grounds look fabulous. Art is everywhere and our students love it!