Junior School


With an emphasis on number fluency and problem solving, our students are exploring the relationship between repeated addition, multiplication, repeated subtraction and division. They welcome any opportunity to practise families of 10, doubling and halving and times tables!

Real life enquiry, has our students posing problems and collecting, presenting and analysing data.

Fractions is the next focus area.


Vibrant Daily Five Sessions have our student’s explicitly learning reading, spelling and writing skills then independently practising these efficiently in engaging activities that include ICT and hands on tasks. Guided Reading with the teacher is a favourite!

Thursday is ‘Big Write’ day. Candles, music, oral language and individual goal setting prepare our students for success with the topic for the session. A retell written each Wednesday becomes a class book and Friday’s Free Write is always looked forward to.


Cooking apple crumble, using the apple slinky and creating large apple trees reflect the significance of orchards in our local area. Going back in time, our students identified the first land users, developed a timeline of significant landmarks and events and visited the Somerville Mechanics Institute and Fruit Growers Reserve to gain greater insight into Somerville’s past.

Our students brought old objects from home and interviewed family members to compare past and present lifestyle. An incursion of making a wooden toy was a highlight!


Junior Bulletin – Term2 Week8