Performing Arts

At Somerville Primary School we like to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to shine. From weekly Performing Arts lessons, to Choir, to Wakakirri and fortnightly school assemblies, we love to see our students perform.

All students attend weekly Performing Arts classes where they have the opportunity to engage in learning opportunities related to Drama, Music and Dance.

The skills covered include:

  • Use of the voice, body and face as tools for acting
  • Playing various games in order to put learned dramatic skills into practice
  • Story telling in an engaging way
  • Using prompts and well-known stories to produce a creative performance
  • Following a script
  • Creating a character and developing a costume
  • Understanding and using different methods of staging
  • Playing a wide variety of instruments
  • Reading and following both traditional and graphic music notation
  • Composing and performing original musical arrangements
  • Developing an engaging musical performance with a variety of elements
  • Understanding and engaging with music in other cultures
  • Understanding and engaging with traditional forms of dance
  • The elements of dance and how they can be used to develop an engaging performance

We focus on collaboration, giving constructive feedback, being a supportive audience, stepping outside our comfort zone and reflecting on our experiences in order to build on our knowledge and improve next time. Every student has frequent opportunities to participate in plays, dance, voice and instrumental performances.

Outside of their weekly Performing Arts lessons, students may also choose to join our lunchtime Choir club, take private music lessons, or perform on their chosen instrument at one of our fortnightly school assemblies.

Every year SPS takes part in the Wakakirri story dance challenge. Rehearsals are run weekly during lunchtimes, and there are opportunities for dancers as well as backstage crew.