Middle School

In Middle School our students evolve their junior school “love of learning” and become self-reliant, motivated learners. They develop a deep drive to aim for personal best. The students are given a framework to explore concepts in an engaging, stimulating and supportive environment. Within the ‘school family’ classroom, the students develop the knowledge and confidence to become coaches of others and evolve into teachers of themselves.

The curriculum exposes the students to all forms of genre, enabling them to become young authors and critics of texts.  They spread their wings to create and interpret a variety of informative and imaginative writing from recounting emotional life experiences to sequencing step by step procedures, to interpreting the passions and rhythm of poetry. They are heard through writing, expression and opinion. They’re given voice to persuade and question.

Our 3, 4 students are early explorers of number, delving headlong into the fascinating realm of mathematics. Fearless, they investigate options, construct a sound skill base and with the support of teacher dedicated design, build a tower of understanding that will hold strong for a lifetime.

Our brave adventurers are immersed into a 3-day camp experience, which targets personal growth achieved on an integrated platform: thinking with a positive mindset; empathy for others as humans; a communal passion for the planet as future leaders and deep-seated relationship building. A term-long Phillip Island Ranger Program that begins with an excursion, escalates into a strong sustainability influence both at school and in the home. Another life-long impact.

The Middle school students have a powerful bond with their school, reflected in the following 2021 student testimonies during a persuasive writing unit:

“We have a friendship seat so that no one ever has to be on their own, that’s what we love about SPS”

“Our principal is the best, he is smart and kind.”

“Our teachers help us to believe in ourselves so we learn more.”

“We love Mrs Harvey, (Vice Principal) she cares about all the kids in the school”

“We have a preschool so it is easier for parents who have kids in primary school as well.”

“Our school has a party to reward us for reading, how good is that?”

“We love fundraising, it helps others and we have so much fun too.”

“Not many schools would have Number Ninja Comps to motivate kids to learn timetables.”

“All kids should go to SPS, it’s the BEST!”