Middle School

Middle School

During our hands on Maths learning, students in Levels 3 and 4 are building their ability to understand the concepts of Multiplication and Division. They are learning to identify and create fractions of whole numbers or things, as well as making a connection between fractions and decimal notation. Further development of their skills in working with elapsed time, conversions between seconds, minutes and hours help with organising and understanding their everyday life. We continually use the four processes of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to solve problems.

In Literacy we build understanding of texts through the teaching of comprehension strategies such as;

Using prior knowledge to connect with texts, Making and adjusting predictions and using text to confirm these and

Inferring and supporting the inferences with evidence. Further information on the strategies and the “CAFÉ menu” (Boushey & Moser, 2015) can be found at https://www.thedailycafe.com/app/webroot/uploads/files/Conferring_Notebook_CAFE_Menu.pdf

Students build their writing skills through explicit teaching about the text types and regular sustained writing to practice their new skills. Grammar and spelling are a regular feature of our weekly Reading, Writing and Speaking sessions where they learn about aspects of spelling such as suffixes and homonyms as well as parts of speech like nouns, adjectives, verbs and, sentence structures like simple, compound and complex sentences.

In our Humanities topic the students develop their historical perspectives, learning about who lived in Australia first and how Australia has changed over time. They build an insight into what life was like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people before the arrival of the Europeans and how it has changed to our present time.
In Wellbeing they are developing their ‘You Can Do It Keys to success’ with a focus on resilience and being able to bounce back after a setback. They also learn about, and practice demonstrating all of our school values which are Responsibility, Trust, Courage, Honesty and Respect.

To support all of their learning at school they are asked to complete some tasks at home:

–     read for at least 10 minutes each night of the week,

–     practice their spelling words and,

–     work on their Maths skills through “Mathletics”.