Our Foundation students are finishing off our counting learning cycle and some children are working on counting numbers to one hundred, while others are looking at numbers one hundred and beyond.  Attached is a photo of some of the Foundation students using number slides to make big numbers.


Our Foundation students have been doing lots of reading, writing, singing and drawing.  As a surprise for Grandparents’ Day in week 8, the students have been learning and rehearsing a special play to perform to our special guests!


During Humanities we have been using our one of a kind ‘Time Machine’ to travel to different eras.  First, we looked at dinosaurs and the students found out some interesting facts about their favourite dinosaurs. We looked at the first people in Australia and found out that Aboriginal people use different languages;  there are hundreds of different languages in Australia. We learnt how to count using one of these languages and have listened to dreamtime stories.


During our Monday wellbeing sessions we are learning about ‘Ricky Resilience’.  At the moment we are learning about showing resilience when we are learning something new and how important it is to try new things and not give up when things are hard.  We practised Hula Hooping!  Our aim was to get ten rotations of the Hula Hoop.  We had to keep trying even though it was hard.