Hello to all students, parents and staff from me Katharine Goschnick the chaplain! I work 3 days per fortnight every Tuesday and every second Wednesday.

I’ve lived locally for more than 20 years and it’s been a fantastic place to live raise my family.

I really love getting to know all the people young and old that make up this amazing community. This school has such a great atmosphere and the last chaplain said “it’s been the greatest place I’ve ever worked in my entire career”.

School life has always been important to me and was especially significant growing up in a challenging first family. In a life long long ago, I was a secondary teacher then TAFE teacher of numeracy. Currently I volunteer at Westernport community support as a community support worker. Prior to that I’ve had a long history working with women in jail and on release. I’ve been involved in community work in this area initiating a food pantry “pantry plus” and setting up a mentoring program that used to run at Somerville Secondary College.

Chaplaincy is not a religious but welfare based program designed to provide your child with any support they may need. This may be in a small group or individual time. Chaplains provide a listening ear and caring presence to students, parents and all the school community.

If you’d like your child to see me for any support please ask for a chaplain consent form from me or the office.

Looking forward to meeting many of you soon.

Katharine Goschnick