FOSP – Friends of Somerville Primary; is made up of a volunteer group of school parents who convene in the school Community Room fortnightly on a Monday morning at 9.00am.

FOSP is always seeking and welcoming new members to come along, on a non-committal basis.  This means we understand if you cannot commit to coming along every fortnight and are appreciative of whatever assistance you can provide our dedicated core group of FOSP members.

We are always interested in new ideas and are grateful for assistance in organising and carrying out the pre-planned year’s events and fundraisers.

In 2017 we have outlined/proposed the following events:

  • Funtastic Family Festival
  • Meal Deals each term
  • Easter raffle
    Mother’s Day Stall
  • Mother’s Day High Tea
  • Movie Night
  • School disco
  • Father’s Day Stall
  • Blokes Brekkie
  • Science Show Café
  • Bunnings BBQ
  • Christmas Raffle

In 2017 we are dedicating all fundraising monies to fund a new playground for our deserving students.

Each event takes careful planning, organising and execution on the day, therefore it’s obvious why FOSP is such a valued and integral part of our school community and why we are always very grateful for new faces to come along and contribute any time during the school calendar.

FOSP is a great way to meet new parents, establish new friendships with other school families and it’s a great way of getting to know the students, teachers and staff at our wonderful school.

According to a middle school survey in 2015, the students rated FOSP amongst their 5 favourite things at Somerville Primary School.
We would love you to come along, reap the rewards and enjoy the satisfaction of growing our school together in a united friendly atmosphere.

The smiles on the children’s faces during meal deals, discos or watching their chosen Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts being wrapped before their eyes is the biggest pay-off of all.

See you at our next meeting or school fund raiser.