Student Support Service Officers

We are extremely lucky to have the ongoing support of the following Student Support Service Officers (SSSOs) at Somerville Primary School;

Alexandra Graham – SSSO Psychologist

Wendy – Mae Rapson – SSSO Speech Therapist.

The purpose of student support services is to assist children and young people facing a range of barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential through the provision of a range of strategies and specialised support at individual, group, school and network levels.

  • Student Support Services operates within networks of schools with the objectives to:
  • work in collaboration with services within the community to identify and intervene early with children and young people who have additional needs or are at risk of disengagement
  • develop the capacity of the workforce within schools to meet the needs of children and young people who have additional needs, or are disadvanaged or vulnerable, to enable them to achieve successful education and wellbeing outcomes
  • target the delivery of individual support services to those who require specialised expertise, assessment and intervention in order to overcome barriers to learning;
  • respond to emerging student wellbeing needs and contribute to identified school and network priorities;
  • respond to critical incidents involving students, staff and school communities
  • facilitate and strengthen partnerships between and the SSS service in schools, early childhood services, community organisations, and health, family, child, mental health and youth services in order to provide greater options and coordinated service provision for children, young people and their families.

Elizabeth Russell Psychology Services

Liz Russell

B.A., Post Grad Dip. (Psych), M. Psych (Health), MAPS

Registered Psychologist

Liz began delivering Psychological and Counselling Care services at Somerville PS in 2015 and continues to provide on-site psychological therapeutic care to children ranging in age from 5 – 11 years.

She has been a fully registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Association (AHPRA) since 2008. Liz has completed a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, and also a Supervised Practice Plan.

Liz has 17 years of counselling experience, and has worked with adults, adolescents and children in individual and group settings.

In addition to her work at Somerville Primary School, Liz practices privately at the Humphries Road Medical Centre.

Liz has worked with a range of presenting problems including health related concerns, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress; loss of confidence, poor self-esteem, adjustment disorders, grief and loss, and behavioural disorders.

Liz takes an integrative approach to counseling, and mainly uses client-centered and cognitive behavioral therapies. Liz has a strong interest in positive psychology, particularly the way in which individuals can learn to recognize and utilize their character strengths to overcome challenges.

Please see Andrew Haley at Somerville P.S. for more information about referring your child if you consider that s/he needs some additional supportive care. The service is bulk-billed to Medicare, and is no cost to the parent or Somerville P.S.

Dominique Mulhane

Registered Psychologist

Hi, my name is Dominique Mulhane and I have recently begun my career as a psychologist after completing my Master of Counselling Psychology at Latrobe University earlier this year. During my course and since graduating I have worked at several primary schools and really enjoy the support I can bring to children and families through the work that I do. Outside of psychology, I am also a personal trainer and have a passion for holistic health and well being.